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About Us
Our Mission

Since 1982, Absolute Logic, Inc. has been concentrating on meeting a very particular need often not available to small to medium businesses.  In the areas of computerized accounting, office and database management, our varied and professional expertise has allowed us to fulfill that need in many types of businesses in over 40 states. 

Our philosophy is to provide a single source for all aspects of computerization to businesses of all sizes.  To accomplish this, we maintain a staff of professional consultants, technicians and support personnel who are knowledgeable in most aspects of popular computer systems and software.


Company Profile

Absolute Logic, Inc. is a five employee company with expertise in Windows 10, 7, VISTA & XP Worstations enviroments as well as Windows 2016 & previous Server enviroments; SCO Openserver and other UNIX & Linux environments.  We are skilled in various programming languages and database environments including COBOL, Basic, FoxPro, Microsoft SQL, MS-Access, Informix, UNIX shell scripting and others.

We have expertise in LAN, WAN and Internet communications both wired and wireless.  We can help connect offices in different locations be it across town or across the country.  By using VPN technology & high speed Internet connections, we can connect your different locations as one network to share information and resources in an effective and secure manner. 

We also have a strong accounting background and provide both standard horizontal and customized vertical accounting solutions.  Our accounting solutions are based on Passport PBS Accounting and Radiant Counterpoint?/sup> Point-of Sale software.  We sell, install, customize and support our accounting systems in Stand-alone, Networked, and UNIX environments.  

Absolute Logic, Inc. is an authorized partner of Passport PBS?/sup> Accounting and Radiant CounterPoint?/sup> software and a member of SARA - the Synchronics Authorized Reseller Association.  We offer customized solutions based on the Passport PBS and can perform customized programming by contract.  We also program in Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Informix and other popular database systems. In the operating systems area, ALI is an Authorized Microsoft Reseller and has extensive experience in LAN and WAN networking.  We provide solutions based on Windows or UNIX environments. We offer troubleshooting, cabling, and hardware repair services.  Additionally, we offer Disaster Recovery planning services and have been certified by both APC and DataShield for Enterprise power protection.

Our customers report that they are very pleased with the professional support and service they receive.  They like our quick response when problems arise and our knowledgeable help with Computer, Peripheral, Accounting, Data Base, Networking and Operating Systems problems.  They know that there is always someone just a phone call away who can give professional, courteous advice.

ALI's background includes Accounting, Information Systems, Programming, and Business Management.  We have been trained in Networking, Accounting, Hardware Troubleshooting, Programming, Data Base Systems, Power Protection, Cabling, Internet Connectivity and Web Page Authoring.

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