Passport Business Software (PBS) takes RealWorld Software's time proven functional capability and adds many important features including a POS module, Graphical User Interface screens, and other popular improvements. 
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NCR / Radiant Retail's Counterpoint POS system provides a complete point-of-sale, purchasing & inventory control system. Options include Receivables,  Data Import, Custom Labels and Bar-coding.
a wide range of computer system components based on the popular Intel and AMD processors

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 PBS version 12 utilizes Windows printer choices and Windows memory management, making for a very  fast and reliable solution for the Windows or UNIX environment.
Computer Equipment
complete system, components & add-ons, processors, memory & disk upgrades
repair services & maintenance contract services to keep your system running
Software Products
a variety of software products from Microsoft, Linux, Symantec & more
everything from Antivirus to Zip utilities
Printers, Terminals, Networking components, Scanners, Modems, Internet Proxy Servers, Tape Drives, ROM Burners, etc.
We service the products we sell