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Key Benefits
Reference Accounts 
Absolute Logic, Inc. can give professional and friendly help over the phone or on-site. We are ready to respond to computer system, accounting, Internet and networking questions or problems. 
Our reliable support gives
you peace of mind!
Phone Support
We can provide references upon request.  Please include areas of interest below your address in the following form and we will include some of our references for whom we have provided similar services.  Areas of interest may include hardware, software, programming, RealWorld Accounting, Counterpoint POS, Windows NT, SCO UNIX, Disaster Recovery Planning, Maintenance Contracts, Support Contracts,  or others which you may specify.
Friendly and reliable help when problems occur
Benefit of experience and training when questions arise
Potential reduced charges and quick response
You may call at any time during normal working hours and request phone support.  This time is billed at our regular off-site rate in fifteen minute increments with a fifteen minute minimum per call.  There is a one hour minimum billing per month in which phone support is received.  Optionally, you may subscribe to a reduced rate for phone support by purchasing it in blocks of ten hours (up to forty separate calls).  The time is used in fifteen minute increments and there is no monthly minimum.  You will receive a statement for each month in which phone support is received indicating how the time was used and indicating your balance of time.   When the time is close to being used up, you will be given the opportunity to renew for another ten hours.
On-Site Troubleshooting & Maintenance
If the need arises, we are ready to come on-site to help solve the problem.  We can diagnose hardware, software and networking problems.  We can provide upgrades to your system to keep it operating at peak efficiency.  Additionally, you may purchase hardware and software maintenance contracts to cover repairs, replacements and updates.  Maintenance contract quotes are available at no charge.  Prepaid contracts are also available for a reduced rate for on-site services in ten hour blocks.
Disaster Recovery Planning  
Often overlooked in computer systems, disaster recovery planning is vital to the on-going utilization of any computer system.  We can assist you in designing backup schemes, implementing power supply protection and control.  We can also assist in security planning and implementation.
MIS Staff Substitute
Absolute Logic, Inc. is your partner in implementing and utilizing a computer-based system.  If you do not wish to, or cannot afford to, hire a full time manager/administrator for your computer system, we can help by working as your MIS manager to plan utilization requirements, administer network resources, handle security and, in general, keep things running. 
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