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Invoices are expected to be paid in full within ten days of receipt.  Special circumstances may cause ALI to waive this policy and provide for special terms upon agreement.  A deposit of 50% is expected on all orders over $1,000.  
Programming, Consulting, Hardware and Software Service and Training are billed at $135/hr. on-site including travel time.  Off-site services are performed at $120/hr.
On-Site Service
On-site services are available for a  pre-paid rate of $120/hr purchased in 10 hour blocks and $125/hr purchased in 5 hour blocks.
Off-Site Service
Prepaid Off-Site rates can be purchased in 10 hour blocks for $105/hr and 5 hour blocks for $110/hr. If not on the pre-paid program, there is a minimum of 1/2 hour per month in which off-site support is received. Monthly statements are issued in months where off-site support is provided.
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